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Principal's Message

Welcome to Gold Hill Elementary School! We are on a mission, and it is one that encompasses all in our school community. It is based on three main principles; connect, grow, and kindness. 

The first principle, connect, points to the importance of relationships. Relationships are the foundation upon which the work of teaching and learning is built. Positive relationships are essential to the success of our students, including teacher to student, student to student, teacher to parent, student to parent, and teacher to teacher. How do we effectively connect and build relationships? By choosing to work together. 

Second is the principle of growth. Our hope is that all students and adults will grow as a result of being a part of the GHES community. Grow in knowledge and skills, yes, but also in character. How will we grow? Through teaching and learning. Sometimes the adults will do the teaching and the students will learn from them. Other times, possibly even more often, adults can learn from students. 

Our third principle is kindness. We want to be a community that values thinking outside of ourselves to how we can help others. As adults, by modeling and encouraging all to choose kindness, we are supporting the development of the whole child. 

We invite you to be a part of our strong school culture, where everyone is valued, supported, and inspired to grow!